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Live Review: Bloodstock Day 3, Motorhead, Morbid Angel, At The Gates, Exodus, Hammerfall, Napalm Death…

Hammerfall bloodstock review gig listings

Bloodstock, Day 3

Words: Gary Lukes

Photos: Antony Roberts

WE SLEPT TOO LONG! Having made the most of the magnificent metal disco and spending the night cajoled by the deviant influence of two certain band members, we found ourselves waking, literally, to the sounds of Hell rumbling in the distance.

Although we had unfortunately missed Andy Sneap and the second-coming of the NWOBHM Hell-horde, we arrive in the main arena, bleary eyed and furry of tongue, shortly before 1349 were due to start their set. We consoled ourselves with the fact that there’s surely no more effective a wake-up call than Norway‘s pestilent sons. Unless, of course, they play a set consisting completely of the ambient tracks on “Demonoir“. As it turned out, ambient filler material was the least of our worries as the Norwegian’s

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Live Review: Bloodstock Day 2, Immortal, Rhapsody Of Fire, Therion, Ihsahn, Finntroll, Skeleton Witch…

Immortal Bloodstock gig review listings

Bloodstock, Day 2.

Words: Gary Lukes

Photos: Antony Roberts

And so Saturday came, and what better way to herald the arrival of the weekend than Ohio’s very own wretched spawn, Skeletonwitch. The band bolted onstage at eleven o‘clock, despite apparently having only arrived ten minutes earlier. Not that they’ll let that deter them; as they point out “it‘s never too early to drink some fucking beer and have a good time“. And who am I to argue, as the band erupted straight into “Upon the Wings of Black”. The Crowd responded in turn, proving that it’s also never too early for a circle pit.

Skeletonwitch’s set of black-splattered thrash metal was a great way to shake off those morning cobwebs, cramming plenty of compositions into their runtime and even finding t

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Full Moon Dog Fest 2011

full moon fest 2011 gig listings metal gigs

This looks AMAZING.  Guess we know where all the UK's real metallers will be on 1st October!!

Starjack Entertainment, in association with, The Miskatonic Foundation present, the Full Moon Dog Festival. A brand new rock festival created to honour the memory of our heavy metal brother, ASOMVEL front man, JAY-JAY WINTER. More details

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Live review: Bloodstock Day 1, W.A.S.P., Kreator, Devin Townsend Project, Cerebral Bore, Coroner…

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Bloodstock Open Air 2011. Day One.

Words: Gary Lukes
Photos: Antony Roberts

In these fractious times, amongst scenes of urban turbulence, Metalgigs made our pilgrimage from the south coast to a field in Walton-Upon-Trent; looking for an escape from all the chaos of the preceding week and eager for our first taste of the Utopian Bloodstock Open Air.

For the uninitiated, Bloodstock began indoors in 2001, before moving outdoors to the relatively spacious surrounds of Catton Hall in 2005 and taking up an annual residency there ever since. The line-ups seem to fluctuate mainly between the pomp and pageantry of power and folk metal to the furious flame, fire and smoke of thrash, death and black metal. Past headliners range from Europe, Lacuna Coil, Nightwish and Stratovarius to Carcass, Cradle of Filth, In Flames and Opeth.

Far more modestly sized than UK rivals such as Download and Sonisphere, it is this very intimacy, coupled with a friendly atmosphere that makes this festival so inviting and appealing. And that’s before we even get to the stellar line-up. As Kreator would later put it, “this is a metal festival by metal heads, for metal heads”. I’m not one that usually likes to give away endings, but let’s put it this way; we wind up liking this festival. A lot.

Oh, and Bruce Willis is a ghost.

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Pentagram new video and London date

Pentagram doom gig listings

Metal Blade Records is proud to release the first ever PENTAGRAM DVD in the 40 year history of the band! When The Screams Come features a full PENTAGRAM show, recorded on May 30th, 2010 at the tail end of the Liebling / Griffin reunion dates at Sonar in Baltimore Maryland during Maryland Deathfest VIII! There is also exclusive interview footage with vocalist Bobby Liebling!

The latest clip from the DVD features the song Relentless as well as a clip of an exclusive interview with vocalist Bobby Liebling. Watch the video now HERE

'When The Screams Come' track listing:
1. Day Of Reckoning
2. Forever My Queen
3. Ask No More
4. Run My Course
5. You're Lost, I'm Free
6. Review Your Choices

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Anterior stream new album and UK dates for September and October 2011

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ANTERIOR stream whole ‘ECHOES OF THE FALLEN’ album

Starting today ANTERIOR are streaming their upcoming second album ECHOES OF THE FALLEN.  Hear it all here:

Don't forget they are touring in September with Sylosis, Malefice and Chapters

Frontman LUKE DAVIES comments:

“This tour is absolutely brilliant and we can’t wait to get back out with Sylosis and our boys in Malefice.

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Bloodstock New Blood Stage – Our Recommendations of who to check out

Bloodstock Open Air Festival 2011


So we're heading off to Bloodstock this weekend.  You may be looking at this thinking I'm not going to Bloodstock, why do I care who's playing the small stage.  First off why have you decided not to come?  Seriously WHY?  If you're into metal you owe it to yourself to come, there's still time, order a ticket, book it off work, call in sick do what ever you have to.  It's REALLY cheap for a UK festival.  Think about it most festivals for £100 are 2 day affairs,

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