Melvins announce 2 special shows in London

//Melvins announce 2 special shows in London

Melvins London

Melvins have just announced 2 unique shows that will be happening at Electric (London) in May 2013.  On Sunday 19th May they will be performing Lysol and Houdini.  On Monday 20th May they will be playing Bullhead and Stoner Witch.  Tickets for both nights go on sale this Friday (1st March) at 9am.


Here’s what the press said about those albums:


Melvins are a sect diabolick, a gateway, a divine portal between innumerable worlds, an outrageously confident and worthy cosmic interface between punk, post-punk and Sabbathian heavy metal, a gateway between accepted classic dark rock Kiss/Alice/Green Manalishi-stylee and the far flung future (ie Now, motherfuckers). “Standing outside the boundaries of rock’n’roll and aiming their sounds inside,” as Greil Marcus once put it. And LYSOL is Melvins’ greatest and most sacred gift to future heathens, for its tones and vibrations taken together often and in large doses offer listeners the key to Eternal Cuntedness.” – JULIAN COPE, HEAD HERITAGE


Houdini, arguably the band’s most direct and concise statement– PITCHFORK


If grunge was achieving breakthrough status in Seattle, it was being perfected in its rawest sense on this album [Bullhead].– ALL MUSIC


Stoner Witch, surely one of the most massive records they have ever conceived…The Melvins are consummate masters of mood, in particular melancholy, and never more so than here. There’s such majestic authority and undertow to the music, and on this…they are no less than Vikings. The Melvins totally push the bounds of what you’ll accept as a normal rock song.” – VICE

Tickets are available here from 9am for the Sunday show, and here for the Monday show.

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