Desertfest preview – Human Disease Promo When Planets Collide stage

//Desertfest preview – Human Disease Promo When Planets Collide stage

When Planets Collide Human Disease Promo Desertfest 2013 camden underworld stoner doom

Following on from a quite alarming but funny thread on the Metal Hammer facebook there was an abnormal amount of people commenting about how many bands they didn’t know on the Desertfest line up. We figured it was about time we posted up one of our regular festival/gig preview pieces so you can check out all the bands in one place. First up is the Human Disease Promo/When Planets Collide stage which features on the Sunday in the Underworld. Desertfest tickets are on sale now but selling fast so click here to insure you secure your ticket. Stay tuned for preview pieces on the rest of the stages/days over the next few days…



Headliners Bongripper hail from Chicago and have self released 6 records since their inception in 2005. Having witnessed them twice at last year’s Roadburn festival I can attest to their immense and LOUD live show, this is one band you will not want to miss at this year’s Desertfest. They also have a full UK tour with Conan and Humanfly in the lead up to Desertfest ,so even if you can’t make it down to London, be sure to check them on one of their live dates.

Bongripper UK tour 2013 conan humanfly

You can find their website here and their facebook page here.




Next up are Americans Cough, formed in Richmond in 2005 they have been belting out filthy psychedelic sludgey doom ever since. 2010 saw their second album “Ritual Abuse” come out on Relapse Records. They have recently released a split “Reflection Of The Negative” with fellow Richmond Doom Act Windhand. Find Cough on facebook here.

Portland’s Witch Mountain up next, fronted by the powerful vocals of Uta Plotkin, Decibel magazine describe them as follows “…the band are poised to leave a mark not only on the fertile Pacific Northwest underground, but the doom genre as a whole.” Last year saw the release of “Cauldron of the Wild” on Profound Lore Records. Find them on facebook here.



Poland’s Belzebong have only been going 5 years but in that short time have already released a demo, full length and 2013 sees their new EP “Dungeon Vultures”. Not bad work for a band playing “goat smokin’ blues” whose list of influences include Kush, Electric Puha, ganja and green. Think heavy, heavy fuzzed out downtuned sludgey doom in the vein of Weedeater and you’re on the right tracks. Find them on facebook here.


Toner Low bring their psychedelic doom from Leiden in The Netherlands. Formed way back in 1998 they have only released 2 albums in their 15 year history, but this Spring sees the release of their third long overdue album. You can check out the teaser trailer for the new album below, and find them on Facebook here.



If you don’t know who Conan are then you obviously don’t come on Metalgigs much, we’re big fans of this Liverpool 3 piece and their behemoth sound that can knock down entire cities. Last year saw them absolutely pack the Bat Cave out at Roadburn, with bodies spilling out of the room trying to catch their destructive set which could be heard from the main stage room. They recently put a split out with Bongripper and will be touring the UK with them and Humanfly ahead of Desertfest. Bring earplugs or prepare for the wrath of tinnitus, these guys play LOUD!! Find them on facebook here.



Blackstorm hail from Brighton and formed in 2006 featuring ex/current members of Earthtone9, Twin Zero, Fall of Efrafa, Milk White Throat, and Skulldozer. They claim themselves that they aren’t reinventing the wheel, but we say to that, if it ain’t broke, why try and fix it? They create catchy riff laden groovy rock which should see heads rocking when they take to the stage at the Underworld. Find them on facebook here.



Another band from Brighton, Sea Bastard formed in July 2011 with ex-members of Jovian and Funeral Hag. They are offering both of their digital albums for “name your price” over at bandcamp. Their filthy brand of sludgey doom has seen them support the likes of Pagan Altar, Ramesses and Black Moth. Find them on facebook here.



Check out our preview of the Seven Churches stage which takes place on Saturday at Deserfest at the Black Heart here.

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