Desertfest Seven Churches stage preview

//Desertfest Seven Churches stage preview

Bong Seven ChurchesBong at Seven Churches Festival, Kingston


Think Desertfest, think desert bands, right? Wrong! Whilst the festival gears itself towards the stoner and doom scene there is alot more diversity with the line up than you’d perhaps first think from the title.  This year on the Saturday Seven Churches will be curating the Black Heart stage and organisers Matt and Josh have gathered a truly inspired selection from the cream of the underground spanning all genres (wel….all good genres).

Bong will headline the Seven Churches stage at the Black Heart.  If you’ve witnessed a live Bong ritual before you’ll know what to expect and be ready to submit and finish destroyed and down on your knees.  If you haven’t witnessed them live before, then prepare yourself to be immersed in one of the most droned out, slow, crushing trips you’ve seen live yet.  Find them on facebook here.


Wodensthrone have been flying the flag for English black metal since 2005, they bubbled away causing a stir in the underground with a series of spllt releases, but it was their 2009 debut “Loss” for Bindrune Recording that really got the media to stand up and take notice.  Last year saw the release of their second full length “Curse” on Candlelight.

Find them on facebook here.


5 piece Liverpudlians Black Magician will be bringing their psychedelic doom down from the North.  Despite only being founded in 2011 they were selected to support Carcass on one of their recent “Undertaking the Underworld” dates.  Yes that’s right, the band are that good, miss them at your peril.  Here’s what vocalist Liam had to say about what you can expect, “The Deviants, Troggs and longhairs attending Desertfest can expect a grave sermon hypnotic mellotron-driven heavy metal doom and wyrd psych-folk eccentricity. Strange tales of witchcraft and bizarre rites, celebrating the darker side of the British psyche, Harken!”. Find them on facebook here.


Are you ready for one major trip out?  Then be sure to check out the sounds of Zoltan. Imagine Ozric Tentacles at their most prog moments doing a John Carpenter soundtrack whilst loaded up on ludes.   This London based 3 piece combine keyboards, strange and spooky synths, and moogs to take you on a wild ride.  Find them on facebook here.


Belfast’s War Iron bring over their heavy de-tuned twin bass doom attack to destroy London town.  Formed back in 2005 before the frankly over saturation of UK sludge bands decided to spring up from everywhere.  Thankfully these guys do things on their own terms and bring flith down to an all new level, be ready to die in their crushing quagmire.  Find them on facebook here.


I witnessed the next band Angist at the Iceland Metal Battle finals for Wacken and their live show blew me away. Growling, ferocious fast paced old school death metal tinted with shades of black.  Formed in Reykjavik in 2009 these Icelanders will undoubtedly be one of the talks of the festival.  They currently have a demo and their EP “Circle Of Suffering” available on bandcamp, and they are currently writing new material for their debut full length for Abyss Records which they will be recording this summer.  When approached about Desertfest guitarist Gyða had this to say, “We are just really excited to come over to the UK and play at Desertfest! We’ll be playing a few new songs, and playing a new stage for a new crowd is what we love. So come, hang out and have fun with the Vikings! Skál!!”.

Find them on facebook here.


Last but certainly not least are the stage openers Skeleton Gong.  This Glasweigian 4 piece featuring ex-members of Daemonolith formed back in 2007 and their first album/demo from 2011 is available to download free of charge from bandcamp.

Find them on facebook here.


Check out our preview for the When Planets Collide/Human Disease Promo stage which is on the Sunday at Desertfest here.

Friday and weekend tickets for Desertfest are now sold out but you can still get Saturday/Sunday combined ticket, or individual day tickets.

Find out more info on the official website here.

Desertfest 2013

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