LIVE REVIEW: SSS, Constant State of Terror and Crypsis 18th June 2013 Prince Albert Brighton

//LIVE REVIEW: SSS, Constant State of Terror and Crypsis 18th June 2013 Prince Albert Brighton

SSS Brighton

SSS at the Prince Albert, Brighton. 19th June 2013

Supports: Crypsis and Constant State of Terror

Words by Matt Billing

As I walked around the corner to the venue, the litter strewn across Brighton’s streets making it look quite post apocolyptic, courtesy of the local binman strike. Inside I was greeted by a mixture of faces, young and old, both looking forward to a night of good old fashioned Thrash Metal.

I made my way upstairs and entered the venue’s function room where maybe 30 bodies were already chatting and drinking. The fans mounted on the wall were doing little to reduce rising heat in the room on the hottest day of the year so far.

Crypsis casually took to the stage and, after tuning up, went straight into a set loaded with exactly what I wanted to hear from a local band. Thrashy riffs, thundering bass and tight drumming conglomerated into a thoroughly enjoyable set. The bassist/singer was somewhat nervous on the few times he interacted with the crowd. Not necessary. The crowd ate it up and they looked like they were having a blast doing it. The only trouble was the vocals being so low in the mix.

Constant State of Terror have been on the bill of a few gigs I’ve been to in Brighton and always seemed to have a small following. Their brand of Grindy Punk got the crowd interested and played through a very enjoyable set. They didn’t seem out of place sandwiched between two unmistakably Thrash bands, as some of the attendees thought that they might. They took time to remind us of the evils of UKIP and the BNP before launching into the final song, looking all the more fired up for it.

SSS are a band I have always wanted to see, and to find them playing so locally, for less than the cost of two pints, I had no reason to wait any more.

Taking to the stage after a casual wander through the crowd from the merch table Foxy looked in his element. This was a small, sweaty and hotter than hell venue. Just what Thrash was made for.

SSS launched into a sonic assault, the riffs blasting through with an energetic bass line keeping the crowd going mad. The drumming was as tight as you like and fuelled the energy of the crowd as heads were thrown back and forth in a mess of hair and sweat. The first pit of the night opened up in the small space at the front as Foxy prowled back and forth, coming down to the crowds level to get in some faces. The floor was quickly soaked with spilled beer and the pit became an ice rink. That didn’t stop the dancing though with moves straight out of an 80’s Anthrax video being pulled left and right.

Numbers such as “The Beast” got the crowd banging their heads and once again saw Foxy come down into the crowd for some participation on the mic.

The final number was The first song from the first record. “Warhorse” was the first SSS song I had ever listened to and wrapped it up perfectly for me.

I thanked every person that played on the bill that night for coming out and playing. Too many times I have heard that the Brighton scene is dying but nights like this put all of those doubts out of my mind. I was soaked in sweat and beer, neck aching and ribs bruised, but hey, that’s Thrash. And that’s why I love it.


The SSS show was put on by Punker Bunker

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