Beehoover UK tour starts this week

//Beehoover UK tour starts this week

Beehoover UK tour 2014 purple turtle 2011

Oh no Red Fang has sold out on Friday.  Well boo hoo – you snooze you lose, but fear not as Beehoover are playing in London on Friday to kick off their UK tour and let me assure you they RULE!  The 2 piece from Esslingen in Germany haven’t played our shores many times, the last time I think was 2011 with Sons Of Otis (but don’t quote me on that!) and they seem to be one of those bands that if people haven’t heard of them they check them out and love ’em.

As a band they’re kind of hard to describe so who better to describe Beehoover’s musical creations than their label manager, Andreas Kohl? – “One of my most loved descriptions in music history for a tonal impact is Southern Lord’s comparison for Warhorse’s sound with the feeling of being beaten with a wet mattress. For Beehoover I could pack a gargantuan pile of descriptions on the table, ultimately I would describe my listening experience like being wrapped in plastic foil, unable to move but struck in awe facing an enormous T34, while a Stalin organ is shooting roses across the tundra, explosives that draw a dreamy coloured fireworks on the night sky” …Kohl continues…”In the crowd, what you see is hair, just hair behind the drums and contrails from swirling drumsticks. Centred is one barefoot Urviech covering the room with noises you can’t escape from, breathing, drinking, eating and farting riffs in a quantity and variety that 15 bands could live and ride off for the next one hundred years. Rhythms, riffs, beats, songs, sounds – so emotional, glowing in urgency, blasting on your senses so that you get an overdose of endorphins just from watching this monstrous mother of all concerts, exploding like an earthquake that rips continents apart. Yes, this is what it sounds like: I love this band. Every single time I see them. I pity you if you’ve never had the chance – make your life complete and take the chance now. If there’s one band you’ve really got to see EVER – it’s these guys!”


I have to agree – catching them with Sons Of Otis back in 2011 they’re the kind of band you leave the gig and just want to tell everyone about them, a fun packed bass riff-tastic head nodding gig that had me smiling from ear to ear.  Seriously check out some of their tunes below and try and make one of the dates – you won’t be disappointed.

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Beehoover 2014 uk tour

Fri 21 March 2014 London – Black Heart (with Ghoud, Henry Blacker & Bloody Mammals)

Sat 22 March 2014  Cardiff – Moon Club (with Thorun, We Are Romans and Haast’s Eagled)

Sun 23 March 2014 Bristol – Mothers Ruin

Mon 24 March 2014 Plymouth – Tiki Bar (with Death Parish and Monolithian)

Tue 25 March 2014 Oxford – The Wheatsheaf (with Undersmile and Caravan Of Whores)

Wed 26 March 2014 Salford – The Eagle Inn (with Mask Of Bees and The Senton Bombs)

Thu 27 March 2014 Edinburgh – Banshee Labyrinth (with Lords Of Bastard and [[ Wall ]])

Fri 28 March 2014 Glasgow – 13th Note (with Lords Of Bastard and Skeleton Gong)

Sat 29 March 2014 Birmingham – Scruffy’s (with Burden Of The Noose, Monolith Cult, Goat Leaf, Grey Widow, Wolfs Head, Bong Cauldron and Sealclubber)


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