Mystifier The Dome London Preview with Bolzer Cruciamentum and more

//Mystifier The Dome London Preview with Bolzer Cruciamentum and more

Mystifier London The Dome gig listings

Chatting to a friend today and I was surprised he wasn’t familiar with the support bands on the incoming Death/Black metal assault that is about to hit the capital this Saturday as it’s probably the strongest full line up of any gig this year.  I thought to myself if he isn’t familiar with the supports, then how many others are not familiar with them?  So without further ado here’s some info and music from all the bands playing this KILLER show hitting London this Saturday. See you in the pit \m/

First band up is Zom.  Formed in Ireland in 2011 this three piece released a tape demo on Invictus Productions that sold out quickly and had the underground buzzing with it’s blackened thrashy reverbed nastiness.  The drummer for Zom also plays in Dread Sovereign with Nemtheanga of Primordial.  Their debut album ‘Flesh Assimilation’ is due out August/early September and a CD pressing of the demo is due out later in the summer.

Find them on facebook here.


Malthusian also hail from Ireland and the four piece formed in 2012 releasing a demo last year MMXIII (2013 for those who don’t read roman!) that was hailed online by Cvlt Nation, Angry Metal Guy, Metal Temple etc for their stripped down sound, being compared to the likes of Grave Upheavel and Impetuous Ritual.  A vinyl edition of the demo is in the works.

Find them on facebook here.

England’s Spearhead formed in 2005 and whilst they made review murmurings and solid scores with their debut, it was the follow up in 2007 “Decrowning The Irenach” that really kicked off things with huge scoring reviews across the board.  This will be their first UK since 2009 as they rarely play live so DO NOT miss them!!

Find them on facebook here.

Anyone familiar with the London death metal scene should be familiar with Cruciamentum who’ve been crushing since 2005.  Despite a 9 year existence the band are yet to release a full length (perhaps to do with commitments and time for some members who are in Grave Miasma?). Their demos, split and EP as well as numerous live shows across mainland Europe with the likes of Necros Christos and Dead Congregation has cemented them at the forefront of the modern “real” death metal scene.  Due to split up in 2013 with an uncertain future they have (thankfully) continued on and a debut is rumoured to be in the works during 2014.

Find them on facebook here.

There’s not much to say about Bolzer that’s not already been said, they’ve been on the tongues of every underground writer for the last year and their performance at this year’s Roadburn Festival in a packed and sweaty green room was mind blowing.  It’s hard to imagine such a racket being made by 2 people but the swiss duo fried a few heads (including mine) with their spacey hooks, reverbed killer riffs and blast beats.  I can’t recommend seeing them live enough, and can’t write the words to do them justice, just check out Aura below.

Find them on facebook here.

Brazilian Headliners Mystifier have been smashing out their black/death metal since 1989 and their show in London will be a setlist made up of their 2 seminal albums Wicca (1992) and Goetia (1993).  Considered absolute classics within the scene both albums were out of print for years and fetching silly money on web based auction sites.  They were re-released last year by Greyhaze records and fans of Bathory, early Sepultura, Volcano and Sarcofago should already have these essential albums in their collection.  

Find them on facebook here.

Set times for Saturday 7th June 2014 – The Dome, Tufnell Park, London.

Doors 4.30pm

Zom:5.00-5.30 (30)
Malthusian:5.50-6.20 (30)
Spearhead:6.45-7:15 (30)
Cruciamentum:7.35-8:20 (45)
Bolzer:8.40-9:30 (50)
Mystifier:9.50-11.00 (70)

Tickets can be purchased from the Dome website here.

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