Revocation Deathless review

//Revocation Deathless review

Revocation Deathless

Album Review: ‘Deathless’ by Revocation

By Matthew Green

In my imagination, Revocation are a huge, gleaming, chrome sponge. More than any band I listen to, they seem to have chewed up the last 30 years of the harder, heavier end of Metal and, like the pellet of an owl, you can pore over and dissect the ejaculate to easily identify every morsel they’ve ingested. Their trick, and the reason they’ve been so relatively successful, is that they still manage to fashion something full of originality, character and, most importantly, real visceral excitement out of what so many other modern bands have also drawn on, only for so many of them to feel leaden footed and obvious instead.

There was always the fear, though, that this album might still suffer from what let down their previous four efforts- the curse of the riff-salad but, thank the gods of concise song structure, there is a DEFINITE improvement on that front with a careful balance between, on the one hand, jagged hooks and sweet melody and, on the other, dizzying technical skills and labyrinthine, bolted on song constructs which brings a long sigh of relief from these exhausted ears.

Basically, add equal parts Lamb of God, Exodus, Mastodon, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Dream Theater and Terrorizer, a tough, thick, chunky VERY produced sound and the vision of one terribly driven man, David Davidson, and you get this incredibly ‘of the now’ album of Metal- great cover art too! 7.5/10

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The album is out now on Metal Blade Records. Pick up the CD here and the vinyl here .


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