Zom Flesh Assimilation review

//Zom Flesh Assimilation review

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Album review: ‘Flesh Assimilation’ by Zom

By Angela Davey

“For fuck’s sake, get over it” the Irish are muttering; much like St. Patrick’s Day and Guinness, the English are enthralled by the murky death metal sound of Zom and have been hankering after another release since their demo came out last year. These dudes are very much a staple of the death metal scene in Ireland, heck they’re a part of pretty much every scene in Ireland, being stuck on the line up of just about every respectable gig that takes place. However, they’re a much rarer experience for us limeys, so shut up and let us have our fun.

If you thought the production quality for the demo sounded a little murky and hoped a full length would have a cleaner sound well…too bad. This is every bit as grimy as what came before; the vocals are indecipherable, there are no discernible riffs and the entire thing writhes like snakes through a swamp. The trio produce death metal that’s ghastly and primitive – if this were a person it would be a Neanderthal dragging its knuckles as it charges forth.

Speed, brutality and ghoulish atmospherics are packed in by the bucket load while still maintaining a genuine sense of rhythm – this is music that was made to move to and, although the production isn’t the greatest, it simply adds to its charm. They are pure, unrelenting barbarism and a genuine asset to the scene. In short, this record fucking crushes – if you dig the likes of Grave Miasma and Malthusian then this is something definitely worth checking out.  


Flesh Assimilation is due out on 24th November 2014.  It will be available in Europe from Invictus productions and North America from Dark Descent Records.

Find Zom on facebook here.

Zom will play Water Rats, London on New Year’s Eve 2014 with Dead Congregation, Irkallian Oracle and Necrosadistic Goat Torture.  Tickets are limited to 250 and are priced at £20 + BF available here.

Dead Congregation Water Rats London New Years Eve

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