Damnation Festival 2014 Eyesore Merch stage preview

//Damnation Festival 2014 Eyesore Merch stage preview

Damnation Festival 2014 eyesore merch stage preview

Yesterday we brought you a little preview of the Main Stage at Damnation Festival 2014, today is the turn of the Eyesore Merch stage.  It might be the smallest stage of the festival but that doesn’t mean the bands don’t pack a BIG punch, heck Bast are opening proceedings on it at 1 in the afternoon.  If that’s not a good start I don’t know what is.  Without further ado, the bands playing are as follows:


Conan frontman Jon Davis made Bast the first signees to his Black Bow Records; and one trip through the blackened sludge of “Spectres” should be all you need to know why. Opening up the Eyesore stage at 13:30, there’s no clashes and absolutely no reason to not experience this in the flesh.

Bast on facebook.

Obsidian Kingdom.

Obsidian Kingdom are next up. Having mutated from black metal to something far more insidious, the Catalonians deal in the kind of dark, progressive and unsettling soundscapes that might only come from Mikael Åkerfeldt or Isahn’s worst nightmares.

Obsidian Kingdom on facebook.


Glaswegian post-black metallers Falloch released their second album this year. Expect desolate hymns, melodic vocals and doomy soundscapes, if 2014’s “This Land, Our Funeral” is anything to go by.

Falloch on facebook.


Neatly sidestepping the loss of the unique Kvohst, Code returned in 2013 with a new vocalist and proggier dramatics with “Augur Nox”. Certainly one for the Enslaved fans out there.

Code on facebook.

A Forest of Stars.

Avant-garde, progressive, folky, atmospheric; the black metal created by The Gentlemen’s Club of a Forest of Stars can be described in many words. Having been fortunate enough to see them a couple of times in the past, I only need to use one: unmissable.

A Forest of Stars on facebook.


Dense atmospheric black metal from the North East, Wodensthrone have been haunting the UKBM scene for close to 10 years and just continue to get better and better. If Saint Vitus aren’t pushing your speedometer far enough, then experience them for yourself at 20:10.

Wodensthrone on facebook.


Fen’s amalgamation of epic black metal and murky post-rock brings the curtains down on the Eyesore stage at 22:25. Very much worth a watch, they’re bound to give you more than a couple of reasons to check out ‘Carrion Skies’, due out on November 22nd.

Fen on facebook.


Don’t forget to check out our main stage preview here and the PHD stage here.  Tickets are on sale now for Damnation Festival 2014 priced at £36.

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