Damnation Festival 2014 Main Stage preview

//Damnation Festival 2014 Main Stage preview

Damnation Festival 2014

In 2 weeks time Bolt Thrower are playing Leeds.  BOLT THROWWWWEEEERRRRRR. Apparently some other bands are playing but personally I’d pay £36 to see Bolt Thrower any day of the week, no support required. Seriously why has Damnation not sold out already, shame on you UK! Let’s face it if you don’t like Bolt Thrower you are false. In 10 years time you’re gonna look back and wonder why on earth you liked Black Veil Brides and why the hell you didn’t go and see Bolt Thrower? In the first of our Damnation previews we will run down all the awesome bands that are playing on the Main Stage, you should know them all but just in case…

First up is October File, a post rock group based in Wallingford, Oxford, home to Plastic Head Distribution, lots of fields, antique shops and expensive countryside gastro pubs. Formed in 2003 by guitarist Matt Lerwill and bassist Steve Beatty this 4 piece have now been blasting out their trade for 11 years releasing their fourth album, an ambitious concept album entitled….are you ready for it: ‘The Application of Loneliness, Ignorance, Misery, Love and Despair – An Introspective of the Human Condition’ on Candlelight Records earlier this year.  I’d be interested to see if they released a split EP with Bal Sagoth whether it would have to be a 10″ or done in size 8 font.

October File on facebook.

Following on from October File you’d better be ready to get your 2 step on as Stampin’ Ground will be bringing metallic UK hardcore to Leeds University.  Formed back in 1995 they released 4 full albums along with some splits (one with another legend of the UK hardcore scene, Knuckledust) before calling it a day in 2006.  During their active years they toured with everyone from metal stalwarts Sepultura and Anthrax through to Hardcore legends like Agnostic Front and Ignite. Their live shows earnt them a deserved reputation, prepare to watch frontman Adam Frakes-Sime running around like a man possessed whipping up pits down the front.

Stampin’ Ground on facebook.

Next up is Raging Speedhorn, another band that had called it a day but are now back and ready to get some heads banging in Leeds. Formed in Corby, Northamptonshire in 1998 they released 5 albums before splitting up in 2007. Comparisons were made at the time to Iron Monkey and Hard to Swallow. Personally I don’t see it, they have a much cleaner and groovier sound than either band, and enjoyed commercial success with single “The Gush” making it into the UK singles chart in 2001.  They went on to tour with the likes of Mudvayne, Slipknot, Slayer, Rammstein and Pantera and playing twice at Download Festival.

Raging Speehorn on facebook.

Next up is Orange Goblin, ABSOLUTE LEGENDS of the UK metal scene.  Formed in London in 1995 as Our Haunted Kingdom before changing their name in 1996 they released their debut in 1997 “Frequencies from Planet Ten” on Rise Above Records.  If ever you want to show someone a band that has got better with time then Orange Goblin is a shining example, Bowmore Horse Trials ain’t got nothing on how well they have aged now reaching their full potential.  Their 2012 album “A Eulogy for the Damned” was their finest to date at the time and I didn’t think it could be topped, but then they have just released “Back From The Abyss” earlier this month and it’s an absolute corker.  If for some strange reason you are not familiar with the band you need to stop reading this and go buy it immediately, seriously, this is going to make a lot of end of year lists.

Orange Goblin on facebook.

8.10pm on the main stage come and bow down to one of the originators of the doom scene Saint Vitus.  Formed way back 35 years ago in 1979 they were Doom before it even had a name.  They released 2 albums “Saint Vitus” and “Hallow’s Victim” before Scott “Wino” Weinrich replaced original singer Scott Reagers in 1986 and they released their third album “Born Too Late”.  It is this album that the band will be playing in it’s entirety along with early classics from their career.  

Saint Vitus on facebook.

Last but by no means least Bolt Thrower will headline the main stage.  Formed in Coventry in 1986 they released two demos before attracting the attention of Radio 1 DJ John Peel.  They recorded the first of three special Peel Sessions in January 1988 before releasing their debut album “In Battle There Is No Law” on the hardcore punk label Vinyl Solution. They went on to join Earache Records releasing 4 classic albums before moving on to Metal Blade Records whish has been their home ever since.  Despite US tours and a lot of European festival appearances UK dates for Bolt Thrower have been few and far between. Their last UK tour was 2010, their last UK date was Boltfest in London in April 2012 where they charged just £5.99 a ticket but managed to raise over £12,000 for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

This is their only UK appearance this year, come to Leeds, come to Damnation, come see the Warmasters – Bolt Thrower. CENOTAPPHHHH!!!!!!

Bolt Thrower website.

Damnation tickets are a mere £36, get them here.


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