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Byker Grave Festival 2014 this weekend in Newcastle

Byker Grave Festival 2014 metalgigs gig gigs listings Newcastle The Globe

It's funny how things turn out isn't it? Last year was meant to see the first Northern Darkness festival take place but things went pear shaped and it was cancelled.  The problem was a lot of people had booked travel and accomodation and so a separate group of promoters decided to save the day and combined forces, somehow managing to put together a full 1 day festival at the last minute.  The promoters were Paul from 'kin Hell Fest, Bro UK (organisers of Brofest) and Omega Warfare. it was headlined by Hellkrusher with the likes of...

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Inter Arma and Mantar UK tour December 2014

Inter Arma UK tour 2014 Mantar Black Heart Audio gig listings metal tour

Next week will see 2 heavyweights hit the UK in the form of American 5 piece Inter Arma and the German two piece monster that is Mantar.  Having been blown away by both bands in the live environment I felt compelled to spread the word about this tour as it needs a push and you seriously need to check out both bands on this tour live.

Formed in Richmond, Virginia in 2006 Inter Arma had released a few demos, a split, EP and a full length over the years up until 2012, but it was their second full length "Sky Burial" released in 2013 on Relapse Records which really made the metal...

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LIVE: REVIEW: Damnation 2014 review headlined by Bolt Thrower

Damnation Festival 2014

Early Saturday is a time usually filled with headaches, toast and regret; it is most certainly not one to be spent hammering feet across the cold concrete of Leeds while wolfing down day-old Sainsbury’s. But that’s exactly where we found ourselves due to an unforeseen technical issues (most certainly NOT sleeping through our alarm clocks). Metalgigs: prodding at the seedy underbelly of gonzo journalism and eating stale crisps since 2011.

All of which means we were...

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Wolf UK tour 2015 with Primitai

Wolf UK tour 2015 Primitai

Wolf are heading to the UK next week but if you weren't quick to get tickets you have missed out as according to the band all dates are now sold out.  Fear not Wolf fans though as the bands are coming back in 2015 for 5 dates with Primitai supporting.

Tickets can be purchased here.

Dates are as follows

Feb 04 Sheffield (UK), Corporation
Feb 05...

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LIVE REVIEW: Dying Fetus Brighton Audio

Dying Fetus Brighton review

It's pissing down outside and the beer is over four quid a pint. None of that matters as the mighty Dying Fetus are playing tonight. They are a band that have been overlooked by some, underestimated by many, and have a name to make your mum cringe. It seems odd in a way that one of the most controversial and heavy bands to grace the metal scene are playing a Club normally associated with coke huffing hipsters and E'd up ravers, but I'm in anticipation all the same. As the crowd builds a mixture of...

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LIVE REVIEW: Cannibal Corpse Revocation London

Cannibal Corpse HMV Forum London review metalgigs gig listings

Like many a gig reviewer before me, I fell prey to the vagaries of Friday night traffic and only arrived halfway through Revocations set, thereby missing Aeon entirely, for which I can only apologise. Upon arrival Revocation were in full flow and full control. Prior to the gig, I had felt pretty sure that Revocation would struggle in the face of Cannibal Corpse's rabid audience but I was totally mistaken. The huge pit was threshing wildly and the roars of appreciation even from the very back of the venue, where I was initially stood, were full and meaty. The likes of 'Madness Opus' and 'No Funeral' which closed the set were lapped up by...

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At The Gates – At War with Reality review

At The Gates at war with reality review

Like some gargantuan, mythological beast of melancholy, destined to roam the earth, wailing with grief and convulsing with despair. It destroys habitats and men with nary a thought to it's own powers of destruction, deaf to the screams of those being obliterated, without the knowledge or awareness of it's own capabilities. At The Gates have an awe-inspiring ability to create music with a...

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In Solitude Beastmilk and Daniel Bay Camden Underworld London

In Solitude european tour 2014

For a line up consisting of two of the undergrounds’ most hyped bands, it’s a surprise to find a fairly lacklustre turn out for tonight’s In Solitude and Beastmilk double header. It might be a sign of autumnal apathy, but it means a huge number of people missing out on a real highlight of this year’s gig calendar.

Daniel Bay is the warm up act tonight, kicking the night off with a very different vibe from the two headliners. A native of In Solitude’s hometown Uppsala, he has been brought over specifically for tonight’s show. Daniel is an acoustic singer/songwriter who does a great job of writing memorable songs that marry major...

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