Top 15 demos of 2014 by Gary Lukes

//Top 15 demos of 2014 by Gary Lukes

Top 15 metal demos of 2014 end of year list

Top Demos of 2014

by Gary Lukes

Last week writer Gary Lukes bought you his top 15 EPs of 2014. Today may we present to you his list of top 15 demos that came out last year. We have to agree that number 1 is killer, had it on repeat at metalgigs HQ since it came out.


15. Adversary – Adversary

Feral black metal with a festering sense of melody.


14.Mannveira – Von er eitur

Another wraith crawling from the barren plains of Iceland. Mannveira is nauseous black metal drowning in despondency. 


13. Wreodan Healh – Læcig

Epic English black metal for fans of (early) Satyricon. Recommended to those with a propensity towards dark medieval times and missions to Mordor.


12. Sea Witch – So Above / As Below

Rumbling dread from Nova Scotia that appropriates the magisterial maritime doom of Ahab and the blackened ambience of fellow bleak navigators Velvet Cacoon. Drifting helplessly into the fog, this is about as comfortable as the last voyage of the Demeter.



11. Akatharsia – Demo

Lo-fi, primitive punky black metal. Eight starved and serrated songs from one of the filthy minds behind Fell Voices.


10. Greenhorn – Doom Hawk

Iron Monkey’s puke-crusted proclamations given some serious artillary. Odious UK sludge with epic inclinations.


9. Gath Šmânê – Transmuted Marrow

Downtuned, disfigured death metal that churns you up and spits you out. Unrelentingly brutal grime in the same vile vein as Abyssal.

8.Ritual Chamber – The Pits of Tentacled Screams

Like the unholy amalgamation of Portal and Teitanblood slithering out of the soil. Utterly abysmal death metal.


7.Gateway – Aeternae

“Maybe that’s what hell is, the entire rest of eternity spent in fucking Bruges.” You know, Colin Farrell might have been onto something.  Oozing out of Flanders, Gateway are the Belgian hellspawn of Autopsy and Hooded Menace. The sluggish sound of cavernous vocals gurgling beneath putrid riffs that peel and mould. Thoroughly unpleasant death/doom. The way it should be.


6.Serpents Lair – Demo MMXIV

Two twisted tracks of murky black metal; these mysterious and dreary Danes maul like a slow-motion Svartidauði.


5. Sabbatic Goat – Imprecations of Black Chaos

Sabbatic Goat sound like they were born in the dark. A forgotten entity unleashed, the four-piece play plague-weilding, subhuman black/death from the darkest depths of New Zealand.


4. Keeper – MMXIV

Keeper are sludge’s basement dwellers, twitching and vomiting in the cold recesses. The deformed offspring of Burning Witch and Grief, lungs clogged with black tar. Music this grim and grimy shouldn’t come from California; Thou have some serious competition.


3. Devouring Star – Demo

Cold, contorted black metal pelting straight from the void that was released on cassette in January 2014 (December 2013 online). Two tracks of warped death-addled delirium for those drawn to the discombobulating sounds of Deathspell Omega.


2. Malthusian – MMXIII

Another demo belched out at the arse end of 2013, this debut has been respawned on all formats throughout 2014. Psychotic and dystopic death metal spewing debauched, doomy riffs and blackened malevolence. Smeared in shit and hallucigens, Malthusian’s tyrannical rule will be terrifying.


1. Khthoniik Cerviiks – Heptaëdrone

Disgustingly primitive bestial black/death. An arcane monstrosity torn up and reformed, swarming with illegible intent. Khthoniik Cerviiks are the ancient verse that drives men mad. They are the beak, plucking out your eyes. They are the sound you hear before you die.

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