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Top 15 EPs of 2014 Gary Lukes

Top 15 eps of 2014 end of year list gary lukes metal death black doom

There were a lot of albums released in 2014 and often singles, EPs, and demos get overlooked in the sea of output. Regular site contributor Gary Lukes waded through the shorter (and not so shorter) releases that 2014 gave us to bring you his top 15 essential EPs of the year...

15. Pist - Riffology

Mancunian groove-merchants Pist wield a firm handle on hard rocking, riffy stoner; providing the ideal summer soundtrack for the...

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Top 10 albums of 2014 Colum Bell

Top ten albums of the year 2014 colum bell end of year list metal grind back doom

2015 is here but that doesn't mean we shouldn't take a look back at some of the finest albums put out in 2014. Site contributor Colum Bell gives us the lowdown on what he considers to be the finest releases of last year...

10. Orange Goblin - Back From the Abyss

Orange Goblin return with Back From the Abyss which up the ante and proves why...

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Jon Davis of Conan on his top ten albums for tone and Skyhammer studios

Jon Davis of Conan

If someone asks me about what new bands to check out one of the first bands out of my mouth every time for the last few years has been Conan. Since my cohorts Gary and Colum introduced Conan to me i've been listening to them non stop waiting for each new release.  Their demos, splits and albums have changed my very definition of heavy.  Whilst their studio releases have been jaw droppingly heavy it's their monstrous and LOUD live shows that gets everyone talking. Earplugs are a must unless you want several days of tinnitus, which some fans seems happy to deal with.  From playing smaller shows throughout the UK they have gone on to play the likes of Damnation Festival and what is now quite the legendary performance at Roadburn Festival in 2012.  Fans from across the continent crammed into the...

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Top 60 releases of 2012 by Gary Lukes

Metalgigs top 60 albums of 2012


2012 was the year the world didn’t end. It was the year many a young guest on “Jim’ll Fix It” breathed a sigh of relief that all he gave them was a trip to Blackpool and a gaudy badge. It was the year Justin Bieber tragically kept his testicles while the world unfortunately lost the likes of Joey Lombard, Trondr Nefas and Steeve Hurdle.

2012 was a year that I saw out perched on my porcelain throne, cursing the norovirus and delaying my list even further. 2012 also saw me somehow missing stellar releases from Black Magician, Weapon, A Forest of Stars, Incantation(!) and Maveth amongst others. January will be the month I stop throwing up and attempt catching up. In the meantime, take from this list what you will...

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Top 15 Albums of 2012 – Colum Bell

Top 15 metal albums of 2012

When Colum isn't turning up late to review gigs in his home town of Brighton you'll generally find him hidden in the darkness of the crowd on the lower floor of the Camden Underworld.  A lover of all things Japanese, his tastes in metal are as wide as his world travels, but regardless of genre it's the impeccable pick of the crop.

Top 15 albums of 2012

Conan’s first full length debut is certainly the primal barbarian riff fest that we were all hoping for. You can’t just can’t help headbanging to tracks such as Battle in the Swamp! The albums success has helped propel them to being one of the most talked about underground bands around! Slay some orcs and raise your tankards to Conan...

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Top 10 Metal Albums of 2012 by Rich Price

Top 10 Metal albums of 2012

Rich is normally behind the lens for metalgigs covering gigs "oop North" and you can check out his photography work here.

2012 Top 10 albums by Rich Price

10) Lazarus Blackstar - Hymns for the Cursed

Glad to see these releasing a new album, not many come close to being as slow and bowel evacuatingly heavy as these lot. Now if only they'd play gigs outside of Bradford I'd be a happy man. 

9) Anaal Nathrakh - Vanitas

It's Anaal Nathrakh doing what they do best, another one to get...

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Top 20 Metal releases of 2012 – James Hibbert

Top 20 metal releases of 2012

I've paid little attention to the releases of this year and correspondingly the dramas surrounding them, such as last year's Liturgy fiasco and Leviathan court case which felt almost unavoidable. For that reason I find myself largely unable to construct a list consisting solely of full-lengths or one that can be logically structured into any kind of order that runs from 'worst' to 'best' or vice versa (and so I opt for an alphabetic approach), something I struggle with in any and all cases anyway. None the less I've found myself revising this list a few times, removing releases (such as Deathspell Omega's "Drought" - a release which just missed out on being included in this list) and replacing them with others and I've surely missed some off which I'll later be kicking myself for.

Some fantastic records such as Swan's "the Seer" have been dropped for their not being a metal release and others such as Pallbearer & Hooded Menace have been removed in order to be replaced with releases that I'd forgotten had come out this year. Equally, I've removed albums that I hadn't realised upon inclusion were actually released last year. Without further ado...

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