Year Formed


Everything Ministry has created since its inception has been an evolution. Al Jourgensen, the architect of Ministry, succeeded by remaking the mainstream in his own image and forging a new style of music. 

Jourgensen morphed Ministry from a lightweight synth-pop band in the early '80s to a musical juggernaut with many side projects (Revolting Cocks, 1000 Homo DJsPailheadLard) on legendary Chicago-based Wax Trax! Records. 

Moving to Sire Records in the mid-'80s Ministry released albums showcasing an ever-evolving style. The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste and The Land of Rape and Honey both went Gold as people searched beyond bland MTV conformity. 

Psalm 69, featuring 'N.W.O.', 'Just One Fix' and 'Jesus Built My Hotrod', went Platinum in 1992 and forever changed music with its heavily aggressive content. But during the late '90s heyday of "alternative music", Ministry's output waned on Filth Pig and Dark Side of the Spoon, despite a Grammy nomination for 'Bad Blood'. 

Coming back strong in the new millennium with Animositisomina Jourgensen refocused his energy. In 2004 a revitalized Ministry debuted Houses of the Molé. For its 25th Anniversary in 2005, Ministry released Rantology featuring tracks personally mixed, arranged, recorded and mastered by Uncle Al himself. 

In October 2005, Jourgensen launched his own label, 13th Planet Records. Ministry's first release on 13th Planet, Rio Grande Blood, which captured Grammy nominations for 'The Great Satan' (2005) and 'Lieslieslies' (2006). It was followed by the remix album Rio Grande Dub, Ministry's final studio release, The Last Sucker, the cover album, Cover Up which features Ministry's Grammy nominated cover of "Under My Thumb" (2008) and the soundtrack for the sexy, bloody horror filmWicked Lake

As a commemoration of Ministry's final world tour, the band has released the live CD and Double Disc DVD Adios Puta Madres. The DVD contains an entire disc of live performances and a second disc featuring a doumentary on the final Ministry tour. 

And lastly, as its final releases, Ministry sparked up The Last Dubber remix CD, stirred up MiXXXes Of The Mole remix CD and went Undercover for a final cover album.