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Bast Spectres Review

Bast spectres review

This album could only have come out in the here and now. With metals black, heavy and, especially DOOM melded and spliced together in such bravura fashion, Bast have created something that inches the boundaries of Metal ever further.

Vocals shriek from icy wastelands and bellow across vast plains, guitars ooze, ripple and gallop like warm tar, icicles and majestic steeds while the rhythm section is both crisp and...

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Indian – From All Purity review

Indian From All Purity review

The Blues.  When I think of the classic description of Blues Music, I think of 'My woman left me, my truck broke down, I gambled and drank my pay away and my dog went under a car'. Now add to that list of woes 'My skin got sand-blasted off, my eye-sockets got scoured out, my woman emasculated me and I was forced to eat my dog' and that just about sums up the stomach wrenching vibe I'm channeling from this opus. This is harsh, pounding...

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ALBUM REVIEW: Power Trip Manifest Decimation

Power Trip Manifest Decimation coverIf, after the intro of building feedback leading into a swinging butchers block of a riff, echo-drenched vocals and huge, cavernous drums you are not transported directly back to the (wholly imagined on my part) mean streets of 1988 New York teeming with the likes of Leeway, The Cro-Mags and Thrash Metal period Agnostic Front, then I don't know WHAT to think.

Throw in the relentless intensity of 'Beneath the Remains' Sepultura, the 'careering wildly out of control' feel of 'Eternal Nightmare' and the total headbang/neckbreak of 'Taking Over' and you've got yourself a hell of an album, what i think of as crossover much more than the party thrash of Municipal Waste or Toxic Holocaust...

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ALBUM REVIEW: Ulcerate – Vermis

Ulcerate Vermis artwork review

Technical death metal. It’s a genre that’s as likely to inspire apathy as it is excitement. There’s often a fine line between technical wizardry and tedious wankery, avant-garde excellence and anal excess. The days of dazzling an audience with overblown musicianship have long passed. While the latest generation of musicians have found themselves busy burning fretboards, there‘s usually an abundance of style over actual substance; entire discs spinning by in a soulless blur of polyrhythms and sweep-picks.

So far, 2013 has heard Portal twist our senses and Gorguts push to blow our minds. And now, Ulcerate re-emerge. Suddenly technical death metal has got a whole lot darker and a shit-load more interesting.

“Vermis” is the Kiwi death metal test-pilot’s fourth album and the...

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ALBUM REVIEW: Purify The Horror

Purify the horror untitled EP

Purify the horror are a Grindcore act based in the home of Grindcore, Birmingham. This ‘Untitled’ E.P from Dissected Records is their first release. It runs it at 17 minutes long and features 12 tracks, one of which is the obligatory 4 second grind micro blast, going by the name of ‘Shree-dela-badum-de-ladum-de’, others stretch just over the 2 minute mark.

As is all the rage these days they choose not to publicise their identities, choosing instead to hide behind pig masks and going behind the names: Sergeant Squeal (vocals) Bear-pig (Guitar/Bass), and Lord Pig (Drums).

They state that they are all...

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ALBUM REVIEW: The Mezmerist – The Innocent, The Forsaken, The Guilty

The Mezmerist the innocent the forsaken the guilty

The Mezmerist are/were a one man project from California. According to the release ‘The Innocent, The Forsaken, The Guilty is one of the most mysterious US metal releases of all time’ having taken the Shadow Kingdom a very long time to track down the man behind it (Thomas Mezmercardo), and a further five years preparing the re-release I guess they have a point.

This is a double EP released as a...

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ALBUM REVIEW: Pantheon Of Blood – Tetrasomia

Pantheon of Blood Tetrasomia review

As the first melody of ‘Thunder Alchemy’ seeps through your speakers, an immediate comfort zone is found, with phrasing reminiscent of 'De Mysteriis...' era Mayhem. However, this brief familiarity erodes as the riff unexpectedly evolves, and by the time the drums and vocals pound into your ears, it is supremely evident that Pantheon of Blood are their own, unique beast. A far cry from the hordes of black metal acts running with Darkthrones ‘unholy trinity’ template, and a band whose desire to forge their own identity keeps them standing out from the grim and frostbitten...

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ALBUM REVIEW: Shining One One One

Shining One One One Cover

Shining are a Norwegian Jazz-metal band who started life as an acoustic jazz act before growing some hefty balls and running with them. I, for one, am grateful they did because this genre defining group is owning it.

This is the band's seventh studio album or third in their line of 'Jazz Metal' releases and it is one epic genre they're creating, they have elements of metal, jazz, prog-rock, thrash, metalcore, rock and they are creating a perfect concoction of diabolical genius, literally everything you could ask for in an album. 

The album One One One has been...

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ALBUM REVIEW: Borracho Oculus

Borracho Oculus

Borracho, the fuzz fusion galore four piece from Washington DC, USA are a band best known for bursting into the desert rock music scene in 2011 with their debut release "Splitting Sky". After a number of mini releases the band are back with latest LP offering “Oculus”, a deadly addictive combination of riffs drenched in feedback mixed with a tactically doom laden tempo, that is delightfully delivered with the sounds of influence, to an audience hungry for a new take on the old scene.  

"Empty" opens the album with ingredients of the all familiar...

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Album Review: Autopsy – The Headless Ritual

Autopsy The Headless Ritual

For every one of us, there are certain sounds that trigger a shot of nostalgic bliss. For some, it’s the warm, aging chime of the family grandfather clock or the glacial crunch of virgin snow underfoot. For others, it may be the dulcet melody of early-morning birdsong or just the shrill, anaemic tones of their favourite lullaby (I won‘t judge).

But for a select, sadistic few, there isn’t much on this earth that’s able to tug so malevolently on the (rotten) heart-strings than the doomed death metal din of San Francisco’s Autopsy. A hideously gut-wrenching tone many feared lost to the dust, before its unholy resurrection circa 2009.

While the resultant releases...

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