ALBUM REVIEW: Purify The Horror

//ALBUM REVIEW: Purify The Horror

Purify the horror untitled EP

Purify The Horror ‘Untitled’ EP

Review by Rich Price

Purify the horror are a Grindcore act based in the home of Grindcore, Birmingham. This ‘Untitled’ E.P from Dissected Records is their first release. It runs it at 17 minutes long and features 12 tracks, one of which is the obligatory 4 second grind micro blast, going by the name of ‘Shree-dela-badum-de-ladum-de’, others stretch just over the 2 minute mark.

As is all the rage these days they choose not to publicise their identities, choosing instead to hide behind pig masks and going behind the names: Sergeant Squeal (vocals) Bear-pig (Guitar/Bass), and Lord Pig (Drums).

They state that they are all Major players in the UK underground scene, which with some strategic guessing is probably accurate. However, it’s kind of pointless (although irresistible) to speculate further, when the point of the, increasingly used, gimmick is to let the music do the talking. So let us allow the music do the talking, for all we know it could be Snoop Dog on drums.

Opening with the filthy chaotic blast that is ‘The deepening revolt’, it’s difficult not to compare this instantly to old school pig destroyer (Possibly assisted by being started at by three pigs) The similarity is not purely because of the imagery but also the sound. However, Purify the horror have taken many Grindcore influences and manage to create their own sound within the genre.

There’s a humour evident throughout this release, starting from the imagery and pseudonyms, continuing through the prank calls on the standout track ‘Pig’ to the over the top obscenity laden ‘Future & Fantasy’. Another Standout track is the track Restitution which has a very strong punk feel to it, and ending on the excellent ‘T he resistance’ there really is no shortage of high points on this album, although on occasion it can be a bit too over the top for its own good.

What is clear is that this is a release done for pure enjoyment by quality musicians’. The filthy chaotic riffs come thick and fast and are held together well by a ferocious drumming assault, will have your foot tapping throughout. The production gives clear vision of what the band want from the recording, it might have benefitted from lifting the bass parts in the mix slightly, to bolster the sound, however there is no lacking in heaviness.

The Track listing is as follows:

‘The Deepening Revolt’


‘Future & Fantasy’

‘Kill Them All’

‘Give Me Your Money’

‘Wearing The Crown’

‘Christmas Party Mayhem’



‘Pig Born’


‘The Resistance’

By no means is this one of those instant classics which will stand the test of time etc. It is however a great debut from some seasoned musicians, immediately enjoyable, and holds its own in the genre, whilst managing to define its own niche. The song writing well executed, and the overall production brings out a real sense of fun from the recording. At 17 minutes long and totally free even if Grindcore isn’t your thing this is worth a listen.


This EP is free to download here:

Find the band on facebook here.

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