ALBUM REVIEW: Borracho Oculus

//ALBUM REVIEW: Borracho Oculus

Borracho Oculus

Borracho – Oculus review by Ashlinn Nash

Borracho, the fuzz fusion galore four piece from Washington DC, USA are a band best known for bursting into the desert rock music scene in 2011 with their debut release “Splitting Sky”. After a number of mini releases the band are back with latest LP offering “Oculus”, a deadly addictive combination of riffs drenched in feedback mixed with a tactically doom laden tempo, that is delightfully delivered with the sounds of influence, to an audience hungry for a new take on the old scene.  

“Empty” opens the album with ingredients of the all familiar stoner rock tone.  There’s a pinch full of welcome smooth bass lines and among the bountiful chant like tempo drumbeats increasingly layer up behind them. With the re-allocation of guitar work from clean strides blended into an array of fuzz fantastic layers with the drawn out anticipation for a voice to welcome to the listener in. The band blast here with a cunning combination of revved up sounds that are all bursting in similarity to fellow desert and stoner rock scene artists Kyuss [aka Vista Chino], old school spiritual beggars and Clutch. 

Momentum blaster “Stockpile” is an enjoyable centre focus to the five track album that infuses ideas within the listeners imagination, with its well-balanced deliverance of a sonically pleasant presentation. That lends itself to being wholesome in emphasis on the use of its strong memorable riffs as well as, a unique combination of majestic tones with matching rhythms fit for a king. 

After a the shortest song on the album “Eye” concludes, the album draws to a close with “I’ve come for all” who’s stop start interludes are a delight to sonically devour as the momentum is divulged into a down tempo cacophony, with similar song techniques to which high on fire would deliver.  The busyness of the textures involved in album requires the need to have re-listen straight away to appreciate fully the ideas for the album, that are interlaces and have a quality about them that, something new can be found each time. 

By the end of the album, the realisation of the bands potential and talent is seen as the audience is taken on a journey from the riff heavy song writing ideas that are both stylish and delivered with high octane dynamics. With a kick ass punch that seamlessly flows from enjoyable to full on groove with each slice the album has too offer and proves that Borracho are definitely a band to keep an eye on in the future. 


Find Borracho on facebook here.

You can buy the album for a mere $5 from bandcamp (see below), or wait for a vinyl version which is due out around October time (more details of this also on bandcamp).

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