Review: Windfaerer – Solar

//Review: Windfaerer – Solar

Windfaerer Solar EP Review


By Alan Oliver


This E.P is the follow up to this U.S band’s debut album containing melodic black metal with folk influences. The debut seemed well received in the underground press and this new release continues on from where their first full length left off.

It opens with an instrumental track ‘The Mortal Flare‘, one of two on the release, which the very start reminded me of Primordial’s ‘Imrama’ album before changing tack. Once the main body of music kicks in you get the picture of what this band are all about. Fast paced drumming and guitar riffage proceeds the mid range rasping vocals, that at times become emotive and almost change genre in style, which carry you along on a melodic wave but far from being repetitive it interjects the speedier sections with folk elements; acoustic guitar finger picked, subtle hand patted drums and most notably the violin sections. New violinist Valcek, a change from the debut album, sweeps between mournful melody to, at times, almost jig like bursts. Some tracks, like ‘A Glimpse Of Light‘, pack a slighter harder punch with a more aggressive style of blasting drum beats and heavier, chopping guitar playing paving the way for a technical guitar solo that maintains the melodic feel. The longer track ‘In The Shadow Of Giants’ gives you a good summary of what this band is capable of with a heavier approach of guitar, melodic violin overlay, and slower paced drums, along with a folk interlude dropped in at the right time to give a richer variety to the track.

This E.P shows that these guys can play and are quality musicians helped along by a very clean production that enhances the music. If you are looking for something innovative or original you won’t find it here, but the E.P fits into it’s musical niche well; if you like the idea of melodic black metal with elements of early Amon Amarth, Thyrfing, Agalloch, and the folk aspects of Falkenbach you won’t be disappointed by the 7 tracks on offer here.  Clocking in at over 36 minutes, at $5 the EP gives you good value for a non-album release.


Purchase it direct from the band here.

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