Maveth – Coils Of The Black Earth

//Maveth – Coils Of The Black Earth

Maveth Coils Of The Black Earth Review


Maveth – Coils of the Black Earth

Review by James Hibbert


Finland is no stranger to either black or death metal with the country’s burgeoning 80’s and 90’s scene having produced genre titans in regards to both, baring the weight of bands such as Beherit, Barathrum, Demilich, Convulse & Demigod who later left the black metal torch (at least) to be carried by the mighty Horna, Baptism & Behexen among others. Indeed the onslaught continues into 21st century and the last few years in particular has borne witness to the reformation of Purtenance, the announcement of Convulse’s first release in just short of 20 years being put out at the beginning of 2013 along with reissues from Abhorrence and Depravity. Not only this but we see a consistent introduction of new blood and formulation of upcoming contenders to the throne. One of these upcomers is Maveth. Releasing their 2012 debut full-length through Dark Descent Records, “Coils of the Black Earth” is a near hour long onslaught of filthy blackened death metal, worshipping at the altar of Incantation. 


The Incantation influence is clear (listen out for the riff at roughly one minute into track 3, “Hymn for Azael”) as songs shift chaotically from one passage to the next, leaving little room for prediction and often reminding the listener of Canadian contemporaries, Antediluvian. Tremolo picked guitar-play urgently weaves it’s desperate way in and out of chaotic blasts, often reaching higher notes reminiscent of a more black metal influenced approach to the instrument but never lasting too long before being swallowed by a more barbarian mid-paced chug or a tempo break. Songs frequently drop to a crawl led by soaring guitar leads and backed by a steady double kick, with track 6, “Sating Erictho”, being a fantastic example of these traits and how they work so successfully in the crafting of an oppressive atmosphere: and atmosphere is key to this release’s appeal. The record is intensely atmospheric and where it loses ground in regards to originality it gains such in regards to the atmosphere it creates, it’s conviction and the high quality of the band’s songwriting capabilities. Opener and lengthiest track on the record “The Devourer Within the Gulf” begins with a brief sample of thunder and rainfall before launching the listener into the song’s and correspondingly the release’s first riff and, indeed, the track again ends on a sample allowing for a seamless transition into the first riff of the album’s second song, “Dragon of the Continuum”, a slower paced and ‘doomier’ affair. This flowing and transitory nature of songs continues through out the release into it’s monumental two part closure, “Terminus I: The Burning Offal of Hinnom” & “Terminus II: Hinnom Everlasting”.


Whether or not “Coils of the Black Earth” will prove to be an everlasting classic, however, is not yet known (and rather unlikely). What we can say for sure, however, is that it is a solid debut indicative of more good things to come. A well-crafted, passionate and worthy ode to the old school hordes of death metal and another strong release added to the ever expanding canon of Finnish extreme metal.



Out now on Dark Descent Records.

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