Album Review: Vreid – Welcome Farewell

//Album Review: Vreid – Welcome Farewell

Vreid Welcome Farewell Review

Vreid – Welcome Farewell

by Daniel Neagoe

Summing up as a fifth release, “Welcome Farewell” is definitely a fine piece of work from Norwegian black metallers VREID.

From the very start, I can say the album is darker and even more aggressive than their 2011 release “V” (also a brilliant album). The manner in which the album is written leaves no room for interpretation though, everything is done with precision and care, restless construction of riffs, menacing blasts and powerful bass tones.

It is a bit hard to avoid talking about “V” in order to relate impressions for “Welcome Farewell”, there are elements the band are accentuating and trying to bring up front, like the “thrashiness” of the riffs and a more exact, or maybe, better said – precise way of writing, both more mature and innovative.

The opening track “The Ramble” makes perfect justice to the aforementioned aggression, even though the intro might be a tad misleading. The track transforms quickly into a cold atmosphere with menacing bass and ground shaking drumming, all with well balanced guitar work, both solo and harmony.

“Way Of The Serpent” is in my opinion the most aggressive track on the album. Everything is relentless here, starting with the straight-up blast and fast foot-work, to the aggression and the maximisation (it seems) of the vocals, which in this particular track are extremely well done, intense and filled with hate. The guitar work also steps out of the ordinary, adding to the whole atmosphere.

A good surprise is brought by “The Devil’s Hand”, the song has a lot of groove, and sounds a bit more dirty (although quite thrashy), close to the sound on “V”, and personally, something I prefer. Built on a mid-tempo basis, the track leaves enough room to breathe, but it is unstoppable for head banging.

The title track “Welcome Farewell” is yet another fine piece of work, in the same Vreid style, with precise drumming, a variety of riffs, and is very well sustained by the bass lines and vocals. The track’s outro is even more interesting, bringing a fresh,extraordinary melodic line in pace with the eerie “sonata” in which the song ends. Personally, my favourite track on this album.

“The Reap” suddenly breaks the melodic wave, with its evil inclined approach. I can’t help not noticing the despair in this track, with a strong reminding of Rotting Christ’s “A Dead Poem”. This song IS evil, dare I say malefic-preaching.

“Sights Of Old” is probably the most intriguing track on the album. It brings back aggression with its full on blast beats and shredding guitar work, fast and well executed, with stormy guitar leads and tormenting atmosphere that drifta into a well crafted slower passage, with harmonies and a proggy kind of feeling. It’s a breath of fresh air to be honest,as the rupture is not forced, it flows naturally and develops gradually, all compiled quite neatly. Definitely feeling some Pink Floyd in this passage, and as picky as I can be – when it comes to Pink Floyd – I must admit that it is extremely well done.

“Black Waves” is one track which strongly reminds of “V”. Cadence paced, and with a good rhythmic section, this will appeal to fans who liked “V” thoroughly. Special mention goes to the harmonic guitar melodies which wrap the track in a bleak, cold atmosphere.

The ending track of the album is “At The Brook.” As well as “The Ramble”, it takes the idea of slower tempos compared to the other tracks, without losing its aim as a final track. The precise marching-like drumming and the weaving of guitars, bass and vocals make this track the perfect album finale in a very balanced way .

This is a fresh album. Definitely different to the previous ones, especially -the too many times mentioned- “V”. The sound, the concept, everything makes the finger point at the word: perseverance. Even though, there are different opinions from album to album, Vreid have shown nothing but progress, excelling in ideas, instrument tones and even vocal patterns.

Score: 9/10

Find Vreid online here.

Welcome Farewell is available from from Indie Recordings 

Release date 26.02.13 (G/A and Norway 22.02.13)

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