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Saxon announce 3 small club shows for November

Saxon November 2013 club dates

The British institute that is Saxon have announced 3 club dates around their UK support dates with Motorhead in November.  The band decided to revisit some of the clubs they played way back in 1979 and 1980.  Saxon will be playing a selection from their new album Sacrifice (which you can read a review of here) along with a selection of classics from their extensive back catalogue.  The band will play...

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LIVE REVIEW: Fuckface Unstoppable, In The Hills and Pump Action Radio Bournemouth

Bam Margera

The Dorset seaside town of Bournemouth has a reputation for old folks retiring to see out their doting years. One area, Boscombe, has been infamous for its population of drunks and drugged-up lunatics. The latter is the perfect backdrop for a gig by former Jackass star Bam Margera's vanity project Fuckface Unstoppable. This bizarre prospect was popular enough to be upgraded to a venue more than double the original size. But would  it prove to be shit-faced unwatchable? 

The night kicked off with local hopefuls Pump Action Radio, whose style is  catchy pop punk with added heavy bass. A strong American influence was clear (think New Found Glory, etc) but with infectious  choruses reminiscent of...

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An Interview with Dwid Hellion of Integrity

Dwid Hellion Interview

Last year when Integrity toured the UK I got to sit down with band mastermind, founder, and vocalist Dwid Hellion before they played the Camden Underworld date in London. To cut a long story short the dictaphone mysteriously vanished at home and I was gutted. Many months later during a move it was found slipped down behind the back of some drawers and so here it is...

We started off discussing the band Integrity themselves and his other projects (of which there are many!). Most underground fans should know Integrity but I ask him to sum up the band for those that aren't familiar with them, “Woah”, he laughs “Trouble I suppose, trouble makers. For the record, myself and Robert Orr, he makes all the music and drums and stuff and I do the yelling, sometimes he does...

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Damnation Festival 2013 announces 6 new bands

Damnation Festival 2013

OK enough already Damnation!! As if the line up wasn't already pretty darn tasty the fesitval have just announced 6 new bands in the form of melodic doom act Katatonia, Gorgoroth's re-incarnation in the form of God Seed, Year Of No Light, Shining and Mourning Beloveth.

Katatonia will be playing 'Viva Emptiness' in it's entirety, Anders Nystrom, said: "Since it looks like November will bring us Damnation, we're absolutely certain there'll be some Swedish export of atmospheric dark metal coming your way with it! We couldn't be more psyched to celebrate our 'Viva Emptiness' album anniversary at a festival we never got to play before. So Leeds, join us and be damned!".

In an interesting turn of events due to a...

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LIVE REPORT: Prague Death Mass II Czech Republic

Prague Death Mass II Line up poster

Prague is a city unlike many others. A remnant of pre-WWII Europe and thus an architectural goldmine of medieval and renaissance splendour, rich in religious symbolism and pertaining to a history of alchemy and spiritual experimentation. From it’s famous Charles Bridge through to the astronomical clock of Old Town Square, the castle and it’s great St. Vitus cathedral, the city, one of ghosts and folklore, proves after considering it’s cheap ale prices and abundance of archaic drinking holes something of a perfect host for a festival such as Prague Death Mass, returning once again in 2013 for it’s second installation. 

What instantly strikes the attendee when considering the line-up of...

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Orchid return to London for November 2013 date

Orchid European Tour 2013 Blue Pills Scorpion Child

San Francisco's Orchid have announced that they are to embark on a European tour which will include a date at London Dingwalls on 3rd November 2013. Support this time will come from relative newcomers in the form of Sweden's Blue Pills and Austin's Scorpion Child.  Anyone that bore witness to Orchid's storming gig at the Underworld in May this year with Serpent Venom will know they smash it live so tickets will probably go pretty quickly.  

Orchid singer Theo...

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Jon Davis of Conan on his top ten albums for tone and Skyhammer studios

Jon Davis of Conan

If someone asks me about what new bands to check out one of the first bands out of my mouth every time for the last few years has been Conan. Since my cohorts Gary and Colum introduced Conan to me i've been listening to them non stop waiting for each new release.  Their demos, splits and albums have changed my very definition of heavy.  Whilst their studio releases have been jaw droppingly heavy it's their monstrous and LOUD live shows that gets everyone talking. Earplugs are a must unless you want several days of tinnitus, which some fans seems happy to deal with.  From playing smaller shows throughout the UK they have gone on to play the likes of Damnation Festival and what is now quite the legendary performance at Roadburn Festival in 2012.  Fans from across the continent crammed into the...

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LIVE REVIEW: Earthless Atomic Bitchwax and Mirror Queen The Garage London

Earthless London Garage live review and photosArriving at the Garage in North London just in time for doors and for once there was no massive queue spiralling down the road.  Was I late, had door times moved?  Upon entering the building it became obvious door times were correct but one of the hottest days of the year was keeping the public outside in the parks nearby and out of the furnace that was the Garage.  Adding to that the Northern Line being closed for the weekend put a spanner in the works for anyone travelling from further South in London. 

New York's Mirror Queen were already on stage playing to around 20 brave, dedicated or heat resistant punters. 2 songs of shooting them was enough for me as the stage lights in the pit meant I came out dripping with sweat pouring from everywhere.  It gave me more respect for the musicians on stage who must have been baking.  This isn't the first...

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