Album review: Thantifaxath Sacred White Noise

//Album review: Thantifaxath Sacred White Noise

Thantifaxath sacred white noise

Thantifaxath – Sacred White Noise

Review by Matthew Green

So this one’s all about going insane, going, quite literally, off your noggin, dipping the nosecone of your flying machine and letting the tailspin take you where it will. Spiraling is the key word on this collection – the riffs like a lorryload of spinning tops tipped down a long, sweeping rubber corkscrew of a stairway, the drums frantic to follow every trajectory while an impossibly harsh whip-cracker screams and bellows to impose order on the unrestrainable.  This is a being that hails from the same pocket of deep space as Voivod.

There are moments of respite, of shelter from this teeth-gnashing, but they serve only to let the magnitude of your detachment from the world of understanding REALLY sink in to the shreds of mind that are left to you. But this is no senseless aural battering of the grindcore or noise variety – there is a majesty of scope to these tunes, a breadth of imagination and care that strives to mesh the unendurable blackness of deep horror with the unfathomable bounds of the limits of the cosmos thereby creating music to confront your mind with on the strictest terms. ‘Through Silver in Blood’, ‘Paracletus’ and ‘Dimension Hatross’ all lead to this place but Thantifaxath are deranged. 9/10

Order in the UK now from Me Saco Un Ojo here and worlwide from Dark Descent here.

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