Winterfylleth The Divination of Antiquity review

//Winterfylleth The Divination of Antiquity review

Winterfylleth the divination of antiquity review

‘The Divination of Antiquity’ by Winterfylleth

Review by Matthew Green

Surely this is the sound of the wind and the rain on a filthy November afternoon, soaking you as you walk the coastal path, the sound of burning leaves and deadwood in Autumn, the smoke flavouring the air, the sound of sunlight piercing the heavy and swollen clouds, the sunlight and shadows racing and tumbling across the slopes and fields of the moors, the lakes blazing in the evening sun, glowing and shimmering on a thick Summers eve, an urgent gust rippling the wheat, soothing the corn, silencing the forests.

So Winterfylleth have built and built upon the quasi Black Metal foundations they’ve laid down on their previous albums – there is a wider vision, a richer palette and a smidgen more accessibility to proceedings but the harsh vocals remain and there is still a dark core to all that they do. But make no mistake, this is most assuredly an Extreme Metal experience but one designed to lift the heart and release the senses as much as it wants to batter the brain and rattle the eyeballs. A hint of 60s french cinema soundtrack and lowing male voice choirs add piquancy to the fabric but, ultimately, Winterfylleth make the album they needed to and we expected from them.

Melody, melancholy, intensity, clarity and a powerful sense of purpose and desire are captured fabulously at Skyhammer Studios and English Metal is thus full of the unparalleled joys of a life lived in the spirit of the land.


The Divination of Antiquity is released on 6th October, pre-order the CD on the link below:

The Divination Of Antiquity

Winterfylleth will headline day 1 of Candlefest taking place in London this Saturday and Sunday, tickets for day 1 can be found here, and day 2 here.

Candlefest 2014 day 1

Candlefest 2014 day 2

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