Relapse announce 180 track FREE sampler for 25th anniversary

//Relapse announce 180 track FREE sampler for 25th anniversary

25 years of relapse

Wow talk about a serious gift, it’s the 25th anniversary of Relapse Records this year and to celebrate they are giving away a free 180 (!!) track download on their bandcamp. The sampler includes 1 track from almost every artist that has released an EP or full length since the label started back in 1990.  Over the last 25 years Relapse have provided some classic albums including personal favourites like Dying Fetus “Destroy The Opposition”, Neurosis “Through Silver In Blood” and Pig Destroyer “Prowler In The Yard”. To celebrate the 25th anniversary they are re-releasing some classic albums from the likes of Nasum, Amorphis, Nile, Human Remains, Incantation and Pan-Thy-Monium.

Most of note to us is the fact they have mentioned they are reissuing vinyl from the like of Neurosis so hopefully (fingers crossed) they will see fit to reissue all 3 crucial Relapse releases and put an end to things like this.

Bandcamp have a great feature on 25 of Relapse’s biggest releases which you can check out here. Download/Stream the 180 track free/name your price sampler from below.

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