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Live Evil festival makes a return for 2013

Live Evil Festival 2013

Live Evil Festival is back for 2013!!! This festival was sorely missed in 2012 but is back for 2013 and moving to a bigger venue.  Check out our review of the 2011 edition day 1 and photos from day 2 to give you an idea of how awesome this festival is.  We can't wait to see what other bands they have lined up by October but guaranteed we'll be there, Midnight is enough to have us salivating.  Here is the offical press release with all the info available so far:

The legendary Live Evil Festival is BACK this October with what could be the best line-up yet and a perfect, bigger venue.

The weekend of October 18th, 19th and 20th this year will see the third full Festival in its new home at The Garage in London, Islington. Live Evil announces the only UK shows this year from...

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Enthroned extreme metal alldayer preview

Enthroned alldayer electrowerkz london

This Saturday the Electrowerkz is host to a black/extreme metal alldayer brought to you by Aeon Promotions in association with Nazgul Agency.  With so many bands on the bill we though it wise to present you with a preview piece to check out all the bands making up this huge bill priced at a bargain £14.50. 

Headliners Enthroned really don't need any introduction, they bring their christ raping black metal mayhem across from Brussels for a full 60 minute headlining slot.  Check out their official website here.

Ethereal are a self managed black metal band from Liverpool that started way back in 1999.  Their long overdue debut has been recorded by guitarist V.Santura of Dark Fortress and Triptykon and is due out early this year.  Check out...

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Free competition ends midnight tonight

metalgigs free facebook competition

Today is the last day to enter our free competition currently running over on our facebook page.  All you have to do is like us then find the post on the top of the facebook page and share it.  The winner will receive a t-shirt in the size and gender of their choice along with a shopping/record bag and a bunch of stickers.  All merch features the amazing artwork of Craig Bryant from Bast.  Bast's next gig will be supporting the mighty Serpent Venom along with...

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Melvins announce 2 special shows in London

Melvins London

Melvins have just announced 2 unique shows that will be happening at Electric (London) in May 2013.  On Sunday 19th May they will be performing Lysol and Houdini.  On Monday 20th May they will be playing Bullhead and Stoner Witch.  Tickets for both nights go on sale this Friday (1st March) at 9am.


Here's what the press said about those albums:


"Melvins are a sect diabolick, a gateway, a divine portal between innumerable worlds, an outrageously confident and worthy cosmic interface between...

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Killtown Death Fest 2013 preview

Killtown 2013 preview

Last year's Killtown festival came as a very welcome surprise.  I hadn't heard of it before but several friends had recommended it and after seeing the killer line up cameras got packed and I was Copenhagen bound.  If you missed my review in the first issue of Iron Fist magazine then a quick summary of what to expect is needed for those thinking of going to the 2013 edition.  Firstly Copenhagen is expensive, especially for those of you travelling from the UK, the strong Danish economy means everything in the city is considerably higher than over here, but don't let that put you off.  The reason? Well the festival is a DIY non-profit affair, everything is done as cheap as possible when it comes to the food and drink inside.  Beers were around the £2 mark, and a meal of (vegan) burger and chips was around £3, hell on the last night when trying to pay for vodka and coke the bar girl said they had broken even and just gave us the drinks for free.  Yep that's right we went to a music festival and were...

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Dragged Into Sunlight announce UK dates with Bossk

Dragged into sunlight uk tour may 2013

Prosthetic Records' Dragged Into Sunlight have announced 5 UK dates for May 2013.  Special guest support on all mainland dates comes from Ashford's Bossk.


The dates are as follows:

24th May - The Pint, Dublin - support TBC

25th May - Birthdays, London - with Bossk, Dead Existence, and Astrohenge

26th May - Alter Ego, Macnhester - with Bossk and Iron Witch

27th May - Audio Glasgow - with Bossk and local support TBC

28th May - The Library, Leeds - with Bossk and Bong Cauldron

Links to tickets for the London event page here, along with...

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Punk as Fuck Photo Exhibition

Punk as fuck jesus lizard

Those of you into your gig photography may well want to head to Whitechapel Road during March for the Punk as fuck photography exhibition.

Here's the full press release:

Punk as fuck is a collection of photographs taken by legendary music snapper Steve Gullick during the grunge & lurch led punk rock resurgence of the early 1990s for rock weeklies Sounds & Melody Maker. 

The exhibition of beautifully hand printed photography features...

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Album Review: Vreid – Welcome Farewell

Vreid Welcome Farewell Review

Summing up as a fifth release, "Welcome Farewell" is definitely a fine piece of work from Norwegian black metallers VREID.

From the very start, I can say the album is darker and even more aggressive than their 2011 release "V" (also a brilliant album). The manner in which the album is written leaves no room for interpretation though, everything is done with precision and care, restless construction of riffs, menacing blasts and powerful bass tones.

It is a bit hard to avoid talking about "V" in order to relate impressions for "Welcome Farewell", there are elements the band are accentuating and trying to bring up front, like the "thrashiness" of the riffs and a more...

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EP Review: Rex Shachath – Sepulchral Torment

Rex Shachath Sepulchral Torment review

I am an unashamed fan of Technical Death Metal- I find the challenge of absorbing the 'all-points-attack' of a band like Spawn of Possession or the blistering '1000-Uzis' approach of Brain Drill a total joy.The ice-cold chaos of Ulcerate brings me much happiness but occasionally one wants to reset the system, cleanse the palette of Death and this E.P. fits the bill perfectly.

Rex Shachath bring the sledgehammers, the spiked clubs and the cudgels on their debut E.P., quite content to leave technical wizardry and dizzying time-changes out in the modern day cold and drench us in the warm viscera of classic Old School Death Metal, the kind that we all grew up on, breaking our milk teeth on the likes of Death, Obituary, Entombed, Cannibal Corpse to sit proudly alongside Vomitory, Severe Torture...

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Album Review: Lightning Swords of Death – Baphometic Chaosium

Lightning Swords of Death - Baphometic Chaosium review

There’s a long-running commercial on this side of the pond that derides the common misconceptions of California. A parade of surfers, boy bands and vapid celebrities bemoaning the typical stereotypes.

Yet, so far from the frozen fjords of Scandinavia, there’s a cold heart beating under the sweltering sun; dark hordes sprouting like weeds across the Golden State. Twenty-one years after Von poisoned the Pacific coastline and helped kick-start the USBM movement, the Californian black metal scene is among the nation’s most venomous and vibrant, with LA’s Lightning Swords of Death fast becoming firm fixtures on its dark mantel.

Taking a page from their bay-area brethren and binding it to the obsidian texts of black metal, the band have accumulated a decade of...

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