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Baroness Relief

As I’m sure you must have heard last August the band Baroness were involved in an accident when their bus crashed off a bridge whilst on their UK tour.  The band have been left with some SERIOUS medical bills and so a month later Loopy Fiasco (Baroness sound engineer), Rennie Jaffe (Manager of Relapse Records) and Nath (Baroness web dude) set out as friends of the band to do whatever they could to eleviate the band of their medical expenses and loss of income in their time of pain and journey back to being able to play again.

Music makes up a large part of my life, and i’m sure if you have ventured onto this website then it probably forms a large part of yours too.  The friends of Baroness in the music industry have set up an ebay auction page featuring tons of donated super rare items to help raise money for the band.  You’ll find tons of signed instruments, signed rare records, screen prints and loads more.

Real metal musicians put their passions first, and wallets second.  Illegal downloads mean it’s very hard for musicians now and they must make their money from other income avenues in the form of merchandise and touring, spending time away from family, friends, and loved ones, to bring us the fans the live fix we all love.  When it goes wrong and bands are off the road for a long time, plus faced with large medical bills it can be hard.  A big round of applause to the close friends of Baroness who have decided to set up the Baroness Relief Fund to try and raise money to help the band.

As posted on the facebook page: “Just to be clear. All proceeds from this auction will be given directly to the band and crew affected in as transparent way as possible. No one involved with organizing this will or wants to make any money from this event. Relapse is graciously helping out with the shipping of items and some of us are digging into our own wallets to facilitate the web presence, eBay and Paypal fees that this will incur as to make sure every cent raised from the auctions reaches the people who need it most.”

Give Baroness Relief a like on facebook here to help spread the word, and find the ebay page for the auctions here.

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