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Damnation Festival 2014 PHD stage preview

Damnation Festival 2014 PHD stage preview

Welcome to the third installment in our Damnation previews, today is the turn of the PHD stage.  According to the festival facebook page tickets are now getting very limited and they expect to be sold out by early next week. If you are planning to go and haven't got your tickets yet, get them here now.

This stage kicks off at 1pm and first up is Liverpool 4 piece Corrupt Moral Altar. Despite only starting in 2012 the band released a demo and 2 EP's and were quickly...

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Damnation Festival 2014 Eyesore Merch stage preview

Damnation Festival 2014 eyesore merch stage preview

Yesterday we brought you a little preview of the Main Stage at Damnation Festival 2014, today is the turn of the Eyesore Merch stage.  It might be the smallest stage of the festival but that doesn't mean the bands don't pack a BIG punch, heck Bast are opening proceedings on it at 1 in the afternoon.  If that's not a good start I don't know what is.  Without further ado, the bands playing are as follows...

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Damnation Festival 2014 Main Stage preview

Damnation Festival 2014

In under 2 weeks time Bolt Thrower are playing Leeds.  BOLT THROWWWWEEEERRRRRR. Apparently some other bands are playing but personally I'd pay £36 to see Bolt Thrower any day of the week, no support required. Seriously why has Damnation not sold out already, shame on you UK! Let's face it if you don't like Bolt Thrower you are false. In 10 years time you're gonna look back and wonder why on earth you liked Black Veil Brides and why the hell you didn't go and see Bolt Thrower? In the first of our Damnation previews we will run down all the awesome bands that are playing on the Main Stage, you should know them all but just in case...

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Zom Flesh Assimilation review

Zom Flesh Assimilation cover

“For fuck’s sake, get over it” the Irish are muttering; much like St. Patrick’s Day and Guinness, the English are enthralled by the murky death metal sound of Zom and have been hankering after another release since their demo came out last year. These dudes are very much a staple of the death metal scene in Ireland, heck they’re a part of pretty much every scene in Ireland, being stuck on the line up of just about every respectable gig that...

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LIVE REVIEW: Opeth and Alcest Glasgow 2014

Opeth pale communion tour reviewLast Tuesday, Opeth were in Glasgow and, as usual, I couldn’t resist. Touring Europe with their French shoegazing/post-metal friends Alcest, they’re in the process of promoting the release of their latest album, Pale Communion (August 2014). I’ll guiltily admit that Opeth, to me, are like the faithful partner in a long term relationship; well-proven yet familiar, whereas Alcest are new and exciting, strange and mysterious. Opeth’s retrospective transformation with Heritage (2011) and Pale Communion (2014) is, say, your wife quitting her...

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Bog Oak A Treatise on Resurrection and the Afterlife review

Bog Oak Review

Sacramento’s four-piece, Bog Oak, are a band that have been slowly building a respectable reputation, within the underground, for about a year. Their DIY efforts caught the attention of the good folks at Svart Records and they now find themselves very much in the public eye, with the impending release of their first EP ‘A Treatise On Resurrection And The Afterlife’.

The current metal scene needs another doom band like a fish needs a bicycle and, while that is the sole focus of Bog Oak’s music, they should not be dismissed as what they have to offer is strangely unique to an incredibly oversaturated sub-genre. Bog Oak weave together fuzzed-out sludge atmospherics...

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Revocation Deathless review

Revocation Deathless

In my imagination, Revocation are a huge, gleaming, chrome sponge. More than any band I listen to, they seem to have chewed up the last 30 years of the harder, heavier end of Metal and, like the pellet of an owl, you can pore over and dissect the ejaculate to easily identify every morsel they've ingested. Their trick, and the reason they've been so relatively successful, is that they...

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Ken Mode and Hark UK tour

Ken Mode Hark UK tour

After winding it's way around Europe tomorrow finally marks the start of the UK dates for the Ken Mode/Hark co-headline tour.  Dates are as follows:

Monday 13th October - Sticky Mike's Frog Bar - Brighton - with Grey Widow TICKETS

Tuesday 14th October - Our Black Heart - London - with Limb and The Day of Locusts TICKETS

Wednesday 15th October - Anvil - Bournemouth - with Strank and Thuum TICKETS

Thursday 16th October...

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Voices London review

Voices London review

Voices are formed from the ashes of Akercocke by certified badmen David Gray (drummer extraordinaire), Peter Benjamin (Guitar & Vocals) and Sam Loynes (Guitar), the line up being completed by Daniel Abela (Bass).

Considering that ¾ of the band are from Akercocke voices managed to take most people I know by surprise with their debut...

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